First FEGIME local member in Belarus

FEGIME gains its first local member in Belarus

Retrospectively from January 1st the local Belarusian group of companies Overdrive Electro has become a member of FEGIME Finland & Baltics. The group comprises Overdrive Electro (OVD) and Lokalnye Systemy (LSYS) – both from the Republic of Belarus – as well as the Lithuanian company Gartek.
Today our new members are the largest distributors of imported electro-technical equipment in the Republic of Belarus. With sales offices in Minsk, Grodno and Gomel, they are leaders in the low voltage, wiring devices and automation components markets.
Our colleagues started their business as a mono-brand distributor with 4 salespersons back in 1999. Now the group employs over 90 people – more than 40 of these in sales – in 3 companies and has 3 warehouses at various locations amounting to 3,000 m2 of warehousing area with more than 8,000 articles in stock.
FEGIME Finland & Baltics Managing Director, Dennis Belajevs, commented: “We are very happy to welcome the Overdrive Electro group to FEGIME. The company already does substantial business with several FEGIME Strategic Partner Suppliers and in the near future we expect to increase this even further.”

Since the foundation of FEGIME Finland & Baltics in 2008 Belarus has always been a part of the group’s geographical range but this is the first company from the country to become a member.