About Us

About Us

Fegime Ireland - Together we are stronger

Who We Are

Fegime Ireland was founded in 2002 and became an associate member of Fegime in that year. 2003 saw Fegime Ireland become a full member and shareholder of Fegime GmbH.

Fegime Ireland began with 7 members originally and this number has grown to 10 with new additions in 2004, 2009 and 2018.

Fegime members currently operate 28 outlets around the country.

With many years experience in the industry the companies that constitute FEGIME Ireland have established an enviable reputation for the high level of support provided to customers as well as for the quality and ready availability of the products supplied

The Fegime Group acts as a European business generator. It is our belief that the union of our members makes each of them grow stronger and gain power.

In a global economy, successful businesses have to act globally whilst preserving their uniqueness. That is why at FEGIME we respect the multicultural nature of our business.

The FEGIME Group believes in the dynamics of a two-way relationship. It is our ENERGY and POWER that is our greatest strength.

Family values, closeness (human & geographical), know-how, international network and solidity are the key factors of our success

We offer a different approach on the market based on the proximity and trust, combining the force of the group with the flexibility, agility and enviable service of each wholesaler.

We are united by our common values and beliefs.

Fegime Strategy 2020+

Our Vision

We – as united family-owned electrical wholesalers – will be the sustainable driving force within a constantly changing industry.

Our Mission

– is to GENERATE VALUE, for our members, suppliers and clients.

– Guaranteeing long-term commitment and trustworthy relationships between FEGIME wholesalers, suppliers and clients

– Combining the strength of a European group with the flexibility, agility and enviable service of each member wholesaler

– Providing solutions adapted to the local needs, thus accessing the best products and brands of the industry

– Continually adapting to ever-changing markets

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